Healthy Colon Combo - Chiro-Klenz & Lemon Ginger

Healthy Colon Combo - Chiro-Klenz & Lemon Ginger
Healthy Colon Combo - Chiro-Klenz & Lemon Ginger

From Our Customers

"We have been loving your teas - our daughter enjoyed the Sweet Peach Tea and Green Coconut Iced Tea all summer long. The Smarty Pants Tea is a big hit with all of my work associates and friends. Oh, and the Kickin IT HOT Chocolate is A Hot Number!! Yum! Thought you would enjoy hearing about your great teas."
G.H. — Vancouver BC

"I have had chronic problems because of irregularity even with the use of laxatives. This changed when I started using Chiro-klenz™ Tea."
J.D. — Boston, MA

"Thanks to Joint Freedom Tea, when I wake up in the morning, I can move without much pain."
P.G. — Lincoln, NE

"Daily Cell Defense is my most favorite tasting tea. I drink it daily. I think that it is the secret to my good health and long life."
E.M. — New York, NY

"I just drank one of my Lychee Fairy Blooming Teas from Good Health Teas today. It was beautiful and magical. I loved watching it transform. It taste delicious, and I am so pleased to know that it is also very healthy. What a great product!!!"
C.P. — Stroudsburg PA

Good Health Teas offers 2 Excellent Colon Support Products that work synergistically with each other.

Chiro Klenz Tea Regular Flavor
By Edom Laboratories
30 Tea Bags

Lemon Ginger Plus Probiotics
By Bigelow
18 Tea Bags

Chiro-Klenz Tea Regular - Effective Cleansing and Detox Tea.
It eliminates constipation and toxic build up in the colon. It promotes regularity and reduces gas and bloating. Since 1991 Chiro-Klenz™ has become one of the most popular colon cleansing teas in the nation.

Lemon Ginger plus Probiotics - Provides healthy bacteria in the colon. Builds up the colon for better digestion and better overall health.
This tea contains Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 which is unique because it is surrounded by a natural protective shield. This protective layer helps the healthy bacteria survive the heat and pressure of manufacturing and the strong acids in your stomach to arrive alive and then thrive in your intestines* -- their intended target. Other traditional probiotic bacteria often does not contain this unique protective shell and thus are more vulnerable to heat, pressure and stomach acid.
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