b. Rested - 20 tea bags

b. Rested - 20 tea bags
b. Rested - 20 tea bags

From Our Customers

"We have been loving your teas - our daughter enjoyed the Sweet Peach Tea and Green Coconut Iced Tea all summer long. The Smarty Pants Tea is a big hit with all of my work associates and friends. Oh, and the Kickin IT HOT Chocolate is A Hot Number!! Yum! Thought you would enjoy hearing about your great teas."
G.H. — Vancouver BC

"I have had chronic problems because of irregularity even with the use of laxatives. This changed when I started using Chiro-klenz™ Tea."
J.D. — Boston, MA

"Thanks to Joint Freedom Tea, when I wake up in the morning, I can move without much pain."
P.G. — Lincoln, NE

"Daily Cell Defense is my most favorite tasting tea. I drink it daily. I think that it is the secret to my good health and long life."
E.M. — New York, NY

"I just drank one of my Lychee Fairy Blooming Teas from Good Health Teas today. It was beautiful and magical. I loved watching it transform. It taste delicious, and I am so pleased to know that it is also very healthy. What a great product!!!"
C.P. — Stroudsburg PA


20 tea bags
by Good Nature
Delicious Flavor
USDA Organic

b. Rested Tea is a blend of all Natural Herbs formulated specifically to help promote a good night's sleep and to soothe tension.

These Herbs include:

Organic Valerian Root

  • * Widely known for its calming effects and its ability to treat sleeping disorders.
  • * Has been researched to have tranquilizing and anxiety reducing properties.
  • Organic Linden Flower
    • *Has been used to relax and sooth the nerves.
    Organic Lemon Balm
    • *Has been used for nervous agitationand sleeping problems.
    Organic Ginger
    • *Well known remedy as a general health tonic.
    All of the above mentioned herbs have additional healing qualities besides the ones mentioned.

    A good night sleep is the secret to a great day. Wind down with this relaxing blend of calming valerian and linden flower.

    Brewing Instructions
    Place one tea bag in an 8 oz. cup and fill with boiling water. Allow to steep five to ten minutes, remove tea bag - inhale, sip, relax. Enjoy!

    100% Caffeine Free       100% Gluten Free       100% Good for You

    Produced by Alkaloid AD - Macedonia
    In Macedonia......
    The sun shines warm on the mountains
    that soar into a clear blue sky
    healing herbs grown in abundance,
    nourished by fertile soil.
    sparkling glacial water and fresh clear air.
    the harvesting of wild grown herbs is an ancient tradition
    Cherished by generations
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